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The Aevumsoft Unit Converter is an offline unit converter for Android™. It contains 2000+ units in 90 categories. All these units and categories are conveniently accessible through an easy-to-use, professional user interface which has been optimized for Android phones, tablets and TVs.

This converter can do much more than just convert popular categories such as e.g. length, weight, temperature or currency. Among its many conversions, there are some pretty unique ones, like e.g. conversions to and from Roman numerals, base-n conversions up to a radix of 36, number-to text and text-to-number conversions for various languages of the world, Morse Code, the aviation alphabet and more.

It's easy to navigate the app in spite of its abundance of features. Both conversion categories and conversion units can be marked as Favorites for a simplified display in the Favorites view. In the Favorites view, you will only see the categories and units you need. Alternatively, you can search for categories and/or units. Or you can find your category/unit in the list of the most recently accessed items. A small number of the most popular categories and units is already preselected as Favorites upon the installation of the Unit Converter.

The results of conversions can be displayed, spoken aloud or copied to the clipboard.

Conversions are calculated offline - no Internet connection is required. The only exception are currency conversions, however currency exchange rates can be downloaded from the Internet and stored for later use offline.

Conversion results appear instantly while entering the input data. There is no need to switch screens or to press a button to obtain conversion results.

On Android devices which support the multi window mode, the converter can be executed in a window.

The converter's numeric keyboard can be reversed if desired. More info in this article.

The converter can also be moved from the device storage (default location) to the SD card (if supported by the Android device).

Here is a full list of all supported categories, units and examples:

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